Non-stick Pancake Pan
Non-stick Pancake Pan
Non-stick Pancake Pan
Non-stick Pancake Pan
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Non-stick Pancake Pan

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Create flawless pancakes every time with this Non-stick Pancake Pan! The large flat bottom ensures even cooking and the heightened edge prevents batter and sauce from leaking out. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook, this pan is a must-have in your kitchen. 


  • Made of top-quality materials, this frying pot is perfect for making pancakes, omelets, sauces, steaks, and more.
  • With a wooden handle for easy gripping, this crepe maker is a must-have in any kitchen.
  • This is a durable and reliable pan that is made with a non-stick coating that will prevent your pancakes from sticking, making them easy to flip and cook evenly.


Applicable Stove: Gas, Induction Cooker
Material: Stainless Steel. Aluminum Alloy

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pascale Rohan

I use this pan to make Indian crepes (called dosas) and they come out so good.

Claudia MacGyver

let it cool down and hand wash it with warm soapy water. Overall love it!!

Fanny Huel

Perfect size for making breakfast pancakes, crepe and even fried eggs. Heat the pan with high fire then turn to medium for pancakes, I chose butter instead of olive oil and it tastes super good!

Griffin Kirlin

Wow this pan is amazing! Super light weight and heats up evenly! I made my first Millecrepe cake with ease! I'll probably buy 2 more to speed up the crepe-making process (figure with more pans it will cut down the cooking time dramatically).

Leone Hodkiewicz

I already have a smaller version. Really like these pans especially for toasting bread, heating tortillas etc.. This pan heats up fast and can get hot so I use medium or lower heat. I got this larger version to do a small pancake or two and grilled sandwiches. Great nonstick coating.