Knife Organizer Tray
Knife Organizer Tray
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Knife Organizer Tray

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This Knife Organizer Tray is the answer to all your kitchen knife storage needs! Not only does it keep your knives neatly organized and easily accessible, but it's also made of sturdy material that doesn't ruin your knives blades. Plus, it holds up to 7 knives - perfect for any size kitchen. So say goodbye to those clunky knife blocks taking up counter space and grab yourself this sleek and convenient Knife Organizer Tray!


  • This tray is made of durable PP fiber and has a black color that will match any kitchen décor. 
  • The tray saves space compared to traditional knife blocks, making it a great choice for smaller kitchens.
  • This tray is designed to help you organize your kitchen knives in an easily accessible way. 


Weight: 430g
PP, Fiber Plastic

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Junius Reynolds

Overall I'm very pleased with this product because it removes the massive block from the countertop so you can have more space. Now I see why this drawer was made in this shape. Packing is fin, the product is sturdy and well put together.

Grayson Jenkins

This is a great gift idea! very happy with this organizer

Shaniya Halvorson

Works very well in drawer. Note, works well for both Cutco and Chicago Cutlery. Soft material will protect cutting edge.

Raul Armstrong

I must be getting old because this drawer knife block made my night! It fits perfectly in my 1970s standard drawers. All my knives fit, even the one with the 11 inch blade. I wasn't sure I'd like top row but it's super handy. This is so much safer than my previous method of a drawer full of knives. I can't believe I waited so long to buy it.

Herta Wehner

I already had one like this and needed an additional one for my other drawer (knives drawers are really small) I purchased this one from here. I really like it, it works as I thought and fits well in the drawer. Now my knives stay put and are blades down in the drawer. It works great for us!