Collapsible Cutting Board Basket
Collapsible Cutting Board Basket
Collapsible Cutting Board Basket
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Collapsible Cutting Board Basket

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The Collapsible Cutting Board Basin is the perfect solution for small kitchens, crowded cabinets, or camping cooking. This is an innovative lightweight cutting board that can be folded into a compact shape with a height of fewer than 2 inches, which is convenient for storage and space-saving. The Collapsible Cutting Board Basket is the perfect tool for any kitchen. 


  • This storage basket has a built-in drain plug that you can easily twist for quick and easy drainage.
  • The collapsible design allows you to easily store it in a drawer, cabinet, or on shelf.
  •  You can use it as a water container while camping or hiking.


Material: PP, Silicone
Compressed Size: 16.73 x 12.2 x 1.18in
Stretched Size: 16.73 x 12.2 x 5.91in

Customer Reviews

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Ally Ortiz

At first I had a little trouble figuring out which end was the bottom it's made of pretty tough rubber should last for years. Can't wat to try it out on our next camping trip.

Leta Hansen

This product is great for preparing food for my bbq pit. Reduces the mess, easy to drain the juices after removing the wrap. Cutting board is convenient too and it's easy to clean.

Rosa O'Hara

I can imagine many other uses for it, like soaking dishes with baked-on food, handwashing laundry, or cutting food that needs to be rinsed or soaked. It seems like a good value for the money

Maud Romaguera

I love how compact, easy to clean, and durable this basin/cutting board is! I use it primarily to wash dishes up at my camp, where I'm carrying water in, so I don't want to waste a precious drop of it -- and I don't want to be lugging a big basin with me. It drains easily and folds down nicely. And, I'll be honest, I love the happy bright lime color.

Madisen White

Bought for my husband for Christmas. He’s an avid cook and griller. I saw an ad on Instagram for this same product for cutting and seasoning meat in but it was twice this price! Glad I searched for this one