Stainless Steel Strainer Tongs
Stainless Steel Strainer Tongs
Stainless Steel Strainer Tongs
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Stainless Steel Strainer Tongs

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These Stainless Steel Strainer Tongs are the perfect accessory for your next deep-frying, cooking, or salad-making adventure. The stainless steel design is strong and durable, while the wire mesh strainer allows you to grip and strain all at once - no more lost kernels of corn or pesky rogue peas! So get yourself a pair of Stainless Steel Strainer Tongs and take your cooking skills up a notch.


  • With a built-in strainer, you can easily filter out solids from liquids, or vice versa.¬†
  • The tongs are also made of stainless steel, so they're tough and durable.¬†
  • This handy tool can be used as a strainer, tongs, or clip, making it perfect for cooking, grilling, and more.


Material: Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cory Pfannerstill

Unbelievably cool! I absolutely love mine! It's fantastic!

Jermey Corkery

Used for serving at my daughter's wedding. Excellent good quality

Enzo Meunier

Great for grabbing French fries, veggies, noodles, salad. Things you serve when a spoon just doesn’t do the job. The longer, locking ones are nice for cooking but these are great for the table.

Meaghan Ernser

These tongs are very good for picking up light to heavy items . They can handle all the salad items, most breads, sliced meats, and cut up fruits. The tongs could be used for sliced cheeses but small tongs worked better.

Randall Walter

I bought them for a small buffet party and they worked perfectly. I have been using them for many different purposes since. This turns out to be a great purchase.